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We will only ever offer to take you on as a client and provide financial advice to you if we feel we can make a genuine impact on your financial life and feel strongly we are going to add value to your financial journey. This is a personal and professional philosophy we stick by. The cost of our professional services is an investment in your future.

What else does a great financial adviser do for you?

  • Provide ongoing coaching and advice

  • Teach you new things

  • Improve your knowledge in things you already know

  • Provide service and support, unconditionally

  • Provides access via SMS, email, video, phone or in person

  • Translate complex to simple & breakdown jargon into laymen terms

  • Help you avoid making irrational, emotional decisions

  • Educate, NOT judge and scold

  • Celebrate shared wins and successes

  • Empower and motivate you

  • Hold your hand when things are uncertain

  • Provide you confidence and security in your long term plan

  • Encourage you to be the best financial version of yourself

  • Actually do what they say they will do... Always

  • Act as your soundboard, using life experience when needed

  • Treat you and your family as their own

  • Give you 100% authentic me - what you see is what you get

  • Tell you what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear

  • Be honest, transparent and have hard conversations where needed

  • Never, ever, tell you how or where to spend your money

  • Consider us a team, working together, on the SAME level

  • Help you get the most out of your money and life

  • Help you understand correspondence, even if unrelated to us

  • Reflect on wins and tackle challenges, TOGETHER

  • Complete as much or as little admin needed behind the scenes

  • Keep you updated on sensitive world events

  • Not follow the crowd, always speak their mind

  • Be the middle man between your accountant/solicitor

  • Give you a safe space to meet and befriend like-minded clients

  • Give you confidence and comfort

  • Protect your most precious resource... YOUR TIME!