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My wife and I have recently undertaken a review of our insurances, life, trauma TPD and income protection insurance with Dylan. His advice has been very sound and practical. He coordinated all of the administration very efficiently and effectively, we didn't have to worry about a thing. We'd not hesitate in recommending Dylan's services. 



Wealth Accumulators

Dylan and the team at Feel So Good Wealth Management focus on shared successes with their clients. With a personable approach to financial management Dylan has gained our trust and confidence to manage our journey through wealth creation. I highly recommend Dylan and the Feel So Good Wealth Management team for those wanting an extraordinary and long term partnership. 


Wealth Accumulators

I am so glad I was recommended to Dylan, this has been hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself. The fact that this company does not age nor financially discriminate made me feel so welcome and made me want to invest in my future. Dylan has made this easy and understandable and I very much look forward to continuing investing my future with FSGWM.



We contacted Feel So Good Wealth Management from a random Facebook recommendation, and we were immediately impressed by his promptness and enthusiasm to help.
Dylan has been able to help us remotely as well as if we had attended in person, having taken the time to discuss our priorities and goals to tailor his service for us.


Thanks to him we are now confident in our current financial security and we can't wait to continue working with him to build our investments.
We can't recommend Dylan highly enough.


Young Family

When my partner and I first visited Dylan at FSGWM 18 months ago we were just Making ends meet, financially. We didn’t really know how we were ever going to get ahead in life, let alone be able to get on the property ladder. Dylan was able to help us re-organise our finances and help us understand how we could save better.


2 months ago we purchased our first home and couldn’t be happier! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dylan’s services to anyone who needs a bit of extra help in getting their finances working for them to achieve their goals.


Young Family

Dylan and the FSG team have been fantastic, their warm welcome and professional advice helped put me at ease for my financial future.


Dylan's start small start now philosophy is a simple but effective approach to finance management and his ongoing support and advice is not only appreciated but valued.

I look forward to a long relationship with the FSG team, as I know they have my best interests in mind.



Dylan and the Financial Management team have been guiding me in my financial matters for the past couple of years.


I have been very impressed with Dylan's attention to detail and the recommendations made. He takes time to understand my needs and goals and tailors the advice accordingly. He has been very diligent in monitoring the investments performance and provides advice on any opportunity that arises.


The decisions that Dylan makes have been based on my best interest and fully aligned with the goals at my stage of life.


Planning for Retirement

For over 20 years...

"We have been receiving financial advice from Andre for twenty plus years. Previously, we had assumed that our employer's superannuation fund would provide for a comfortable retirement.

Andre developed a financial plan for us and began our financial education. We learnt the benefits of regular savings to take advantage of "dollar cost averaging". We now appreciate that it pays to diversify investments and start saving early and gain from compounding.


Andre and Dylan continue to monitor our investments, review performance and opportunities with us and recommend changes to our investments to maximise growth and income.

Today we are reaping the benefits. We are retired and have a degree of financial freedom and that gives us choices. We are grateful that Andre and his team at Feel So Good Wealth Management have been guiding us over the years and will continue to do so".



The world of difference...

I am writing this letter in the hope of conveying our gratitude for the continued help and support given to us by Dylan. My husband was recently medically retired from work due to worsening of His Multiple Sclerosis. At the age of 34 and having a mortgage, significant debts, 3-year-old son and plans of another child our lives were unexpectedly turned upside down to say the very least.   


My Husband fortunately had a small value TPD policy included in his superannuation which enabled us a sigh of relief, but after seeing a lawyer and being told the costs involved even if the claim was accepted in the first instance we were horrified. It was so hard to imagine that it could cost so much money to claim on a policy that should be a straight forward open and shut case.  


Speaking to friends we were told it might be worth a chat with Dylan Martin from Feel So Good Wealth Management. After feeling a little hesitant and intimidated about seeking advice from a financial advisor (people who we thought looked after the wealthy, not us with towering debts and limited income) my husband picked up the phone and called Dylan.

After a nice chat it was decided that in order to gain a better understanding of our situation and how Dylan could best assist us we would need a get together.


During our meeting Dylan informed us he could indeed help, he was happy to begin the process of making our claim for TPD for a significantly reduced fee compared to the lawyers.

Communication was one of our primary concerns. Knowing these claims often take months or even years to settle constantly knowing what was happening was really important to our sanity. 


Dylan was great. -  We received constant updates from him usually on a weekly bases, we always knew what his plans were and what the next step would be, we never felt alone or in the dark. He was very accommodating to my husband's treatment schedules and as my husband had memory issues ensured we received a written summary after every meeting so we could go over what was discussed.


Dylan ensured all claim forms were fully completed and prepared the application so thoroughly the claims process went through without any hiccups.  Just a few months after our first meeting Dylan rang to inform us the claim had been accepted and would be paid out in the coming weeks.


Dylan also recommended and implemented many other financial safe guards for myself, I was now the primary income earner and it was now more important than ever that I be covered in the event something was to happen to me. It was now obvious my husband and son would need care and financial assistance for many years to come.


Dylan, it is from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you so very much for all your efforts during what we can only explain as the most difficult time of our lives.


Thanks to the strategies we now have in place for the future and our successful TPD claim we can now rest easy and focus on recovery and getting on with life.


Young Family

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