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2022 Client Christmas Mix & Mingle Party

Kudos to Living Room Wollongong for hosting a party where cocktails flowed like a river, the food vanished faster than a magic trick, and friendships sprouted like festive confetti. Clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are so happy to be able to share a smashing evening with them. Here's to a 2024 brimming with prosperity, health, and perhaps a few more surprise friendships forged over shared celebrations!

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2022 mix & mingle party
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November 2022

After two years without our much-loved end-of-year client Christmas party, we were back bigger and better than ever. A big thank you to Living Room Wollongong for hosting one of our most enjoyable parties yet! The cocktails were flowing, great food was enjoyed, and many great conversations were had! Some of our clients have now made new friends for life and the end-of-year party brings out the life and energy in all of us! We look forward to a healthy, wealthy and happy 2023!

2019 mix & mingle party

22nd November 2019

Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate our Christmas party at Humber. We enjoyed our end-of-year client XMAS party and it was a cracker. Cocktails, food and laughs were enjoyed by all. The one thing I noticed was all the smiles in the room. Happy clients, friendships and newfound memories.

2018 mix & mingle party

23rd November 2018

Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate our Christmas party at Humber. We were happy to again donate $2,500 to Barnardos Australia with the help of the Count Charitable Foundation! As good food, beer and cocktails were enjoyed by all we look forward to many successful, productive years ahead with our  amazing, loyal, happy clients who we consider family.

2017 mix & mingle party

24th November 2017

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our annual Christmas Party. So proud to be able to support a charity as wonderful as Barnardos Australia. As always, the team was in full swing and had a fabulous time with everyone enjoying some cocktails and tapas. Congratulations to the winners of the lucky door prizes. 


Pengana Australian Equities Fund

18 OCTOBER 2017

Thanks to Alex from Pengana who gave our clients an insightful presentation on the Pengana Australian Equities Fund. Alex shared the core drivers and beliefs of the fund and the importance of protection of the downside. 



17 FEBRUARY 2017

Thanks to Jacqui from Colonial First state for her fabulous and enjoyable presentation on Behavioural Finance.

Jacqui gave a fascinating insight into the psychology of investing and human behaviour towards money. 



21ST APRIL 2017

Today we held another 'Lunch and Learn' on behavioural finance. A big thank you to Jacqui from Colonial First state for her enjoyable presentation. 

Jacqui shared fascinating insights into the psychology of investing and the human behaviour towards money and their financial decisions.

We had a full house and would like to thank everyone who attended. Make sure you keep a eye out in your inbox for future 'Lunch + Learn' events.

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