You enjoy a laugh or a good yarn about the kids, travel or the great outdoors

You’re committed to making progress…

You’re comfortable with technology (email, SMS, video meeting, paperless technologies)

You’re excited to learn and engaged to work as a team...

You know there is more to life than numbers…

we would be a great match if

Are chasing returns or the next hottest investment


Think there is a way to get rich quick (lotto doesn’t count!)


Judge the worth of a service only on its cost, not the value to you


Don’t give the ‘drivers thankyou wave’ when someone lets you merge in front of them

we probably aren't compatible if you


Our promise to you...

Personal Approach – we know our clients on a very personal level


Fresh & Fun approach to financial advice


We actually do what we say we will do… ALWAYS


We are family oriented and operate like one big family


We’ve walked a mile in your shoes – kids, debt, child care, schooling, budgets – we live and breathe it


Dedication to a remarkable client experience


To be your sounding board on all things in life – money, kids, career, travel, technology


A Focus on the important things in life – lifestyle, your passions, family and fun


Awesome, engaging and fun events, functions and parties for you to learn, take control and feel part of the Feel So Good Community