I never travel on long haul flights without these 7 items

1. A window seat

The window vs aisle seat debate is never ending. Opting for a window seat you are less likely to bet distributed by people going to the toilet or the drinks trolley.

2. A comfy jacket or jumper

Even if the airline provides a blanket a jacket is just comforting and can be used as a head rest.

3. Sanitiser + wipes

Let’s face it, planes are not the most hygienic place in the world.

4. Good quality, noise cancelling earphones

Not only they will make your flight more enjoyable, but could save your sanity along your travels.

5. Ballet flats/Slip on shoes

Whether I wear them on the plane or pack them in my carry on, they are comfy enough to slip on and off throughout the flight

6. Compression socks

Long flights can wreak havoc on leg health. Travel-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition dubbed as “economy-class syndrome” which causes blog clots following long-haul air travel in cramped conditions.

7. Toothbrush & mints

I always pack a disposable toothbrush and small toothpaste on a flight. Mints are also important to keep you feeling minty fresh.

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