How to save money by shopping online

As more people turn to shopping from the comfort of their own home or office the online retail space has never been so hot to grab a bargain. Here are some simple tips to save even more cash by shopping online.

Don’t Empty Your Shopping Cart When you leave an item in your electronic shopping cart, the retailer sees that and knows you are interested. It’s an insidious plan because retailers start to sweat after something sits in your cart for a few days. Fearing that you are looking elsewhere, they will often send you discount offers or other incentives to get your business. Besides, leaving an item or two in your cart is a good way to avoid buying impulse items that you might regret.

Use Coupon Codes

Clipping coupons out of the Sunday newspaper may be ancient history, but digital coupons are more popular than ever. Anyone can find relevant coupon codes on coupon websites like

Coupon search engine websites make it all too simple to find a coupon that can be used on whatever online retailer you’re shopping at. Another way, is to sign up to a websites mailing list and they often send an introductory coupon that can be used on your first purchase. Nearly all online retailers allow the use of promotional coupons at checkout. You should take full advantage of this and get in the habit of always doing a quick search for a coupon before making any purchases online.

Don't shop impulsively

Be aware that online retailers know that most people shop on the weekend, and many of them adjust their prices upwardly for these times. If you shop on Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll probably get the lowest possible prices.

Shop in incognito mode

Your computer history is tracked by many websites to determine the price you are offered, using your previous purchases, location, emails, and browsing history. This is called dynamic pricing, and it permeates the online shopping platforms. It is most commonly used in the travel industry (airlines and accommodation). To avoid being victimized by this practice, close your email and use incognito browser windows when shopping, especially for big-ticket items.

No matter what you’re shopping for online, use the four tried-and-true methods above, and always shop around.

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