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There is a reason why this app became the most downloaded health and fitness app on iTunes within two weeks of its release. Get your heart pumping by getting chased by hordes of hungry Walking Dead-style zombies. Choose from loads of missions, pop on your headphones and become a hero for the human race. As you run, music and audio instructions let you know how you are doing with ammo, water, and getting supplies to build up your base camp. Most importantly, you'll be alerted when a zombie horde is hot on your tail and its time to run for your life. Select the pace and intensity of each mission. Praised as a fitness survival game for getting users through solid runs without stopping, slowing down, or even realising they are working out!



Sworkit's point of difference is that it makes all the decisions for you (although it doesn't have to, if you prefer to customise). Simply pick which part of your body to work (choose from full body, upper body, core strength, lower body), and certified trainers take it away with a pre-built video workout. No equipment is required, workout anywhere, at home, in a hotel, or during your lunch hour.



The app for people who can’t carve out time to go to the gym. The app features an abundance of five and seven minute targeted workouts, so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your friends and family to achieve your fitness goals.


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