Credit card mistakes costing you a fortune

February 22, 2017



Credit cards are the easiest way to spend money we don’t have, which in itself is a dangerous concept, but coupled with a desire for material goods, it’s the perfect trap.

Even the most cautious individuals can find themselves in a world of pain following some poor decisions.

Here are the biggest mistakes you’re making and why you need to sort your bad habits ou

Failing to pay on time 


In the finance game, they call this one “common cent$”

Really though, it’s like any bill, pay it on time. Failing to do so is going to mean a bad credit rating on top of the interest charges you’re already accumulating.

And in case you were unaware, a bad credit rating will make your life hard when attempting to take out a loan for pretty much anything, including a new phone plan.

Only making the minimum repayment 


When you get your monthly statement, it tells you what the minimum payment amount is, as well as how long it will take you to pay off the card should you wish to stick to that amount.

Make no mistake, the minimum payment is designed to squeeze as much interest out of you as absolutely possible, and will likely take you upwards of 20 years to pay off the balance, depending on the size of your debt.

Pay off as much as you can as quick as you can to keep interest charges down and more money in your pocket.

Withdrawing cash


Stop doing this. Just stop. The bank is laughing at you and taking your money at the same time. Using your credit card for cash advances incurs a higher interest rate than it would on normal purchases.

And it’s not a little bit more either, the rate on a cash advance is generally around 20%, which is up to 7% higher if you have a typical low interest card.

The only time you should be using this option is in an emergency. A real emergency.



Having multiple credit cards 


Every time you apply for a credit card, it goes on your credit report, which is what the banks use to determine if you’re a slippery Steve when it comes to money.

And whilst having a credit card can show that you are able to handle debt, (assuming you’re paying it off) having a number of cards can actually negatively affect your credit score. If you feel like you need to have more money that’s not yours, ask for a higher credit limit instead of getting another card.

Spending for rewards


Rewards are great. Flybys will help get you places. But just because you want to go to Tahiti with your flybys doesn’t mean you should be abusing your card. The only exception, of course, is if you’re paying off the balance immediately.

Be vigilant with your spending at all times, as careless debt has the potential to haunt you for a lifetime.







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